The property is located 8 kilometers from Puerto Cisnes, a locality that originates in the bay of the Puyuhuapi channel along with the mouth of the Cisnes River and in front of the Magdalena Island National Park. Surrounded by a unique natural environment, this fishing village

The property is located 8 km from Puerto Cisnes, with approximately 250 m of shore Laguna Escondida. Puerto Cisnes is the fluvial entrance to Patagonia and a tame bay that welcomes fishermen to watch sunsets. cinematographic. The property has different heights and esplanades with excellent views of the

Located in a small bay of the Puyuhuapi Channel, next to the Cisnes River, in front of the Magdalena National Park and very close to the Queulat National Park, the property is surrounded by lush vegetation. Puerto Cisnes is located 5 km away, which is one

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