The property is located minutes sailing from Chaitén. It has a protected bay for boats and direct access to the Palvitad River. The property has more than 5 kilometers of seafront and white sand beaches. Fauna: It is home to species such as Commerson's dolphins, whales, huemul,

The property is located 10 km from Lago Verde, with approximately 74 m of shore of Lago Verde. The property has a microclimate that is due to the Verde Lake, its landscape is characterized by green forests, glaciers, lakes and steppes. This area is characterized by the traditions

The Fundo is a property located in Bahía Aldunate, Northern Patagonia, at the foot of the Melimoyu volcano, west of Puyuhuapi. Reached by sea from Puerto Puyuhuapi (30 minutes navigation) or from Puerto Cisnes (1:20 hour navigation). The property covers the entire beachfront of the bay and

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