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The modification and prohibition to continue with this system goes against the basic principles of respect for current regulations, and that is why a new law is urgently needed to adapt to the reality we are living today of migration from the city to the countryside for a better quality of life.

In view of this new scenario and with the care of our heritage in mind, we must congratulate Colbún, which a few days ago announced that it will be the first company in the country to allocate one of its properties to environmental preservation, and it will do so in perpetuity. There are 430 hectares that through the institution of the conservation real right (DRC) and replicating the Land Trust model widely used in the United States, gives real status to conservation.

“The modification and the prohibition to continue with this system go against the basic principles of respect for the current regulations and that is why a new law that adapts to the reality that we live today of migration from the city to the countryside for a better quality of life is urgently needed”.

Mixed-use projects: solution for the subdivision of properties

“Inhabiting rural land could bring negative consequences such as loss of productive land, damage to flora and fauna, loss of biological corridors, as well as for local identity. However, they can be addressed by generating something positive in the development of rural area habitability, zoning the area, always safeguarding soils 1, 2 and 3 used for productive use.”

Some paradisiacal plots of land in the IX Region cost one and a half million pesos per hectare. Experts indicate that the important thing is to look for sites and carry out developments with those who are really dedicated to “conscious intervention”. One of them is Mario Anfruns of Aescala Patagonia.

We met a new venture dedicated to property brokerage, real estate development and architectural design in Aysén. Aescala Patagonia generates projects based on “cost-effective conservation”, or “conscious intervention”.

Today we spoke with Mario Anfruns, General Manager of Aescala Patagonia about the conservation and protection of natural resources and their biodiversity. We also received the visit of Claudia Antillanca, Administrative Manager of the Geminur Cooperative and Marisol Trureo Catilao, Geminur Cooperative Partner and Kutral Wine Project Coordinator.

We have noticed that some real estate projects in the region have not been carried out due to a lack of knowledge of the Aysén lifestyle, an extreme, isolated territory with climatic conditions different from those of other areas in southern Chile.

Aescala Patagonia is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of properties, as well as investment funds for the development of real estate projects.

We are always concerned about the development and protection of Aysén, where we want a clean Patagonia, with investors committed to the development and care of the region.

We believe that each place in Patagonia is unique and fulfills a certain role, that is why our properties are unique and exclusive, we work with a portfolio of properties that are not found in any brokerage.

Aescala Patagonia today is a property brokerage and real estate consulting firm, created last year, with the aim of meeting the growing demand for investments in the area. “Our work is focused on three different types of consulting: first, property brokerage. In this area we are in charge of the search of properties to satisfy the different needs of our clients, based on the wide portfolio of properties that Aescala Patagonia has.

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