The property is located 2 kilometers from Villa Cerro Castillo and surrounded by several surrounded by several climbing areas accessible within a few kilometers. minutes on foot. The magnificent Cerro Castillo gives its name to this town located in the valley of the Ibáñez River. in the

The property is located 35 km from Coyhaique, accessed by route X-667. Its predominant vegetation corresponds to an area of lenga forests, among the shrub species are calafate and wild strawberries, among others. Regarding its Fauna we can find the presence of puma, culpeo fox, red

Property located 5 km from Puerto Guadal with a privileged view of Laguna La Manga, the land has gentle slopes that derive from the side of a hill, surrounded by native Lenga forests, the main tourist attractions near the property are the Capillas de Mármol

The property is located 15 kilometers from Chile Chico town on the shores of Lake General Carrera, with famous marble formations and surrounded by mountains, is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and boating. The property is located close to Lake Jeinimeni National Reserve,

The property is located 22 km from Murta Bay, with approximately 450 m of Murta river border. The property has thermal water rights and is characterized by its native forest (Lenga, Ñirre, Coihue etc) that surrounds the property, gentle slopes and hills that offer spectacular views

The property is located 4 km from Villa Cerro Castillo, access road, with natural water source, cellular signal, good sun exposure, meadow, rocky terrain, wide view of Cerro Castillo and neighboring mountains. Close to General Carrera Lake, Central Lake, Lapparent Lake, and several rivers with fishing,

The property is located 28 km from Balmaceda Airport, close to two beautiful towns, Villa Cerro Castillo and Lake General Carrera with its iconic Puerto Ibañez, where you can soak up the culture and traditions of Patagonia. The property is immersed in the tourist heart of

The property is located 8 kilometers from Puerto Cisnes, a locality that originates in the bay of the Puyuhuapi channel along with the mouth of the Cisnes River and in front of the Magdalena Island National Park. Surrounded by a unique natural environment, this fishing village

Valle Hermoso, located in the Meseta Cosmelli sector, 23 km from the town of Puerto Guadal, with approximately 4 km of Los Maitenes river border. The main tourist attractions near the property are the Capillas de Mármol Nature Sanctuary (located in Puerto Tranquilo), Exploradores Glacier, Ventisquero

The property is located 10 km from Lago Verde, with approximately 74 m of shore of Lago Verde. The property has a microclimate that is due to the Verde Lake, its landscape is characterized by green forests, glaciers, lakes and steppes. This area is characterized by the traditions

Casa Hacienda Alta Vista is located in a privileged location, just minutes from downtown. of Coyhaique. Multiple panoramic views of the Coyhaique reserve, Cerro Cinchao and Cerro Negro. among others. DESCRIPTION - 2 Bedrooms - Kitchen with central island HOUSE: - 150 m2 -3 Bathrooms - Dining room - Outdoor

The property is located 8 km from Puerto Cisnes, with approximately 250 m of shore Laguna Escondida. Puerto Cisnes is the fluvial entrance to Patagonia and a tame bay that welcomes fishermen to watch sunsets. cinematographic. The property has different heights and esplanades with excellent views of the

The Fundo is a property located in Bahía Aldunate, Northern Patagonia, at the foot of the Melimoyu volcano, west of Puyuhuapi. Reached by sea from Puerto Puyuhuapi (30 minutes navigation) or from Puerto Cisnes (1:20 hour navigation). The property covers the entire beachfront of the bay and

Fundo Queulat ("Sound of Waterfalls" in the language of the Chonos), in its interior is a Patagonian Andean forest where you can observe Magellanic coihues, Chiloé coihue, steppe, peat bogs and evergreen forest, crossing the Austral Highway is the Queulat National Park, a protected area

Two properties located in an amazing diversity of natural features, five interconnected lakes, rivers with trout, virgin forests of coihue and lenga, waterfalls and numerous streams. Access to the properties is via route x-696, where you have to travel about 15 km by boat to the

The property is located 66 km from the city of Puerto Aysén. The vegetation that develops is mainly associated with the vegetation types ñirre forest, coigüe de Magallanes meadow with humid trees, and to a lesser extent by forest of Guaitecas cypress. The area is rich in native

Located in a small bay of the Puyuhuapi Channel, next to the Cisnes River, in front of the Magdalena National Park and very close to the Queulat National Park, the property is surrounded by lush vegetation. Puerto Cisnes is located 5 km away, which is one

The property is located 20 km from Villa Cerro Castillo, commune of Río Ibáñez. It is made up of Ñire forests, a stream runs through the property and has an incredible viewpoint overlooking the Ibáñez River. It has a telephone signal. Nearby attractions include Lake Tamango, Lake General

Fundo Mañihuales is located 95 km from Coyhaique and you can find different streams, its flora is characterized by forests of coihue, Lenga and a young Araucaria forest, while its microclimate allows the cultivation of peaches, apricots and cherries. Its fauna is characterized by rainbow and

The property is located in the General Carrera province, commune of Rio Ibáñez and is 198 kms from Coyhaique and 100 kms from Cerro Castillo, by the Carretera Austral, from where you must join Route X-731 and continue until you reach the property. Native flora and fauna,

The property is located in the province of General Carrera, commune of Rio Ibañez, southeast of Villa Cerro Castillo, 90 km from Balmaceda. The property is on the shores of the Central Lake or Tamango, with more than 250 mt of lagoon edge overlooking Cerro Castillo. You

The property is located 60 km from the city of Puerto Aysén. The area is composed of a surface covered by vegetation, water bodies and other surfaces without vegetation, corresponding to river boxes. Some sectors near rivers, estuaries and on small hills and slopes that are part

The property is located on the shores of Lake General Carrera, with cold turquoise water and conditions that make possible the development of tourist activities, such as adventure sports, hiking, fishing, etc. It is located 30 km from Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez and has 4G telephone signal

Lago Zenteno is located in the commune of Aysén, 56 km from the city of Coyhaique. The field has meadows, gentle hills and abundant native forest never exploited, highlights its extensive shore of Lake Zenteno of approximately 3 km, ideal for fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, lake

Rio Tabo is located 15 kilometers from the city of Puerto Aysen, its vegetation corresponds to an area of Coigue forests, tepa, among the shrub species include calafate and ferns, nalcas, among others. Regarding its fauna we can find the presence of culpeo fox, red

The property is located 20 kilometers from the wonderful town of Cerro Castillo, a recognized national park. It is home to species such as the huemul, puma, guanaco, Patagonian chingue and red fox, among others. There is a predominance of deciduous forests with the presence of lenga,

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