El Morro House


Property size icon Size 180 mt2
Property structure icon Location Coyhaique
Property accommodation icon Price 13,622 UF

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Housing of 200 mt2, which has:

– Spacious kitchen with 30 sq. mt. approx., with lenga wood paneling; furniture
lenga wood built-in cabinets; oven with electric hob; dining table; oven with
iron structure, with dimensions of 2.50 mts x 1.40 mt2. and covered with
porcelain tile.
– Wood stove, slow combustion, with water coil
hot water, with storage tank of 250 liters.

– Staircase to second floor with lenga wood.
– Bathrooms with lenga furniture.


– Application for groundwater rights, currently being used in the
house by means of an electric pump.
– Rural Potable Water System with meter.
– Small greenhouse.
– Wine cellar.
– Woodshed.
– Basketball court.
– Campfire area.
– Fence with electric gate.
– Maintenance of external wood in December 2023.

Close to tourist attractions:
– 15 km from El Fraile Ski Center.
– 20 km from Lake Pollux.
– 12 Km from Lago Frio.
– 35 Km from Lago Castor.
– 16 km from Lago Elizalde.
– 27 km from Lago La Paloma.
– 30 km from Lago Monreal.
– 60 km from Lago Caro.
– 42 km from Balmaceda Airport.
– 43 Km from Paso Fronterizo Huemules.
– 82 Km from Villa Cerro Castillo.
– At 200 mts, river for fishing (inside the urbanization).
– At 300 mts from climbing hills.


I am interested in this property.

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