Housing of 200 mt2, which has: Internal - Spacious kitchen with 30 sq. mt. approx., with lenga wood paneling; furniture lenga wood built-in cabinets; oven with electric hob; dining table; oven with iron structure, with dimensions of 2.50 mts x 1.40 mt2. and covered with porcelain tile. - Wood stove, slow

250 m2 house on a 5,000 m2 lot overlooking the Mackay hill, 400 meters from the Simpson River (with pedestrian access allowed), master bedroom with walking closet 3 master bathroom with shower, 1 bathroom with bathtub, guest bathroom 2 additional bedrooms laundry and ironing room,

Construction of 450 m2 , including 100 m2 of terrace and parking lots. The house has 5 rooms including the service room, 5 bathrooms, service loggia, barbecue incorporated into the house, cellar, parking, perimeter terraces and protected interior. - House with 1.5 years of use, sold

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